How The Franchise System Can Help Network Marketers

Franchise businesses base their business model success around duplication. This can be interpreted into any type of business, especially a network marketing business.

Duplication in franchise businesses helps them quickly expand by setting clear rules on how to run the business, how to market the business and how to succeed for all business owners. This is something that can be translated in to the network marketing world.

Selling franchises to buyers is very similar to network marketing. Salespeople sell their business opportunities, who market the products to their customers. For you to succeed your product can’t be the be all and end all. You need a duplication system.

The duplication system allows you to keep building a larger business without having to constantly hold your teams hand.

Your system needs to be able to let anyone, no matter how skilled in your field they are, create the same atmosphere and results as you know works well.

To do this we’re going to give you a few pointers. First off, people copy what others do, lead by example. Tell your story on how you recruited your first person or how you recruited multiple people at once. Have your new recruits sit in on one of your meetings so that they can see what you say, how you act and how they should do things. Let them experience the simple systems you use every day.

Get people started effectively, if you just leave them to it after you’ve signed them up they’re not going to know what to do or what system to follow. Hold their hand for the first week or two and let them get in to the swing of things. Get them over the line where it is harder to quit than stay in the profession. Make sure they have all the information and tools they need to succeed and do all you can to get them their first customer.

Create a culture of speed within your business. Get your team to think of your business as a fast-moving company that has tons of momentum. Advance your team quickly through the ranks and make them feel like a lot of progress is being made. You could even offer incentives, hold contests for who can reach their goals first, and recognise your team individually.

Now you know how to create that great system in your business you need to know how to sell it. Chances are you’ve been trying to sell your product and you’ve highlighted how amazing your product is. This is something everyone uses.

Instead of selling your product, market the system. Show your prospects how anyone can be successful if they can learn how to use this system.

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